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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 28, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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what will you create to make the world awesome? nothing if you keep sitting there. that's why i am talking to you today. this is your time. this is my time. this is our time. we can make every day better for each other. let's start acting like it. we have work to do. we were made to be awesome. let's get out there. i don't know everything. i am just a kid. but i do know this -- get to it. >> maybe the folks in washington should take a look at that. you can watch the entire video on gretawire.
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that's your last call. we are closing down shop. thanks for being with us. join us tomorrow night when secretary of state hillary clinton goes "on the record." right now, go to and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c. there is an open thread to learn more about the show. %
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>> disgusting. seriously, i thought i was watching the "bachelor"
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finale. "60 minutes" is longest hour outside a dentist chair. you know where every story is going and it's always left. no surprise that obama blames fnc for hindering compromise. the real truth, fnc is all america has between them and lock step. hence the whine about fnc. obama is like a quarterback complaining about the one cheerleader who won't put out. how presidential of him. what is next? is he going to crank call o'reilly's house? amazing a man that sees himself in grand terms can be so small. he is a diva. no wonder he and beyonce get along so well. play tape from the interview. real tape. let's go. >> i just want to have a chance to publicly say thank you. because i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of state we have had. i consider her a strong friend.
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>> very warm, close, i think there is a sense of understanding that, you know, sometimes it doesn't even take words. >> what is the date of expiration on this endorsement? >> oh, steve. >> you know, steve, i got to tell you, you guys in the press is incoriagble. i was inaugurated days ago. you are talking about four years from now. >> oh, steve! >> greg: bob, you even have to admit it was softer than a hackey sack inside the stomach of a bunny. >> bob: i have no idea what that means. [ laughter ] you know, i tell you in some fairness, a lot of the questions asked are what people want to know about. why are the two of you from a difficult primary battle, why did you decide not to take it?
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these are things people want to hear about. they didn't have much time. half an hour. i'm not sure if they asked a benghazi question you would have more satisfied today because it would have been a practiced answer that would haven't satisfied anybody. >> eric: if you call that a softball insult it's an insult to softball. it's like nerf ball or wiffle ball. >> greg: have you seen softball players. players? >> kimberly: i was a softball player. >> eric: that was ridiculous. steve cross goes for question, at one point, madam secretary, you had a tough day on the hill this week. i thought he was going for the question. how is health? here, take this and run with it. she talked about the concussion and everything. not one question. >> greg: my favorite clip. roll the clip. >> there are no political tea leaves to be read here. >> we don't have any tea. we have water here the best i can tell. >> kimberly: my gosh.
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>> dana: that is an answer you give on "red eye." that's a compliment for "red eye." not "60 minutes." >> greg: he gets all this -- the softball questions, the softball interviews and he goes after fnc. isn't that an insult to other networks? >> i see that point. if you are the only one asking tough questions and you get called out -- i think it's bizarre that the president spends any time at all complaining instead of persuading. complains about a new outlet. with the popularity and the policies are as great as he thinks they are, maybe they could persuade people why it is better to do "x," "y," "z." can you imagine if i or president bush complained about the media being unfair to him? we would have done nothing else. >> kimberly: everyone gets this was well-orchestrated. this is a nice picture of the two of them. supports benghazi. he will support her candidacy should she decide to run. that is what this is. part of the clinton thing
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rate. they goods at it. theyshow them together. not going to put her in harm's way. croft is afraid of them. this should be called 60 soft minutes. >> you think it's a strategy -- >> kimberly: it is. totally is. he has to pay the clinton's back for their support. and the campaign. you don't know them like i do. >> eric: how does it work then? >> bob: it doesn't work that way. you a vice president that may run himself and put yourself out four years. >> greg: that was the point. like obama is like the way he treated hillary. pushed him aside. >> eric: is there any question that what may have been a neck neck race with romney and obama turned when bill clinton signed on and made the speech at the dnc? this to me is thank you, sir. this is payback. i agree completely. >> kimberly: totally. obvious. davis do you think joe biden watched that last -- >> dana: do you think that joe biden watched it last
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night? >> greg: it made me feel bad for biden. i want biden to be the nominee. >> dana: he is in cat-bird seat. >> greg: there is no such thing as cat-bird seat. >> dana: how do you know? >> greg: i have never seen one. >> dana: send us pictures of the cat-bird seat. >> greg: we got to go. coming up, we learn something new about the president every day. but what now? how much he likes guns. that's right. he says he is going shooting or he goes shooting all the time. the second amendment shocker next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> eric: welcome back to "the five." president obama shocked pro-gun americans when he told the world he is a shooter. in fact, he said he shoots all the time. so i wonder what kind of shooter he is. do you think it's this kind? probably not. what about this kind? [ rapid shots ] i'm guessing not that kind either. i guess a gun in obama's hand looks more like this. >> sorry. >> my fault. >> eric: we all know he is a shooter but he is evident lay skeet shooter. likes to do it up at camp david. do you think he knocked down a clay birdie? >> bob: i tried one with a hundred different shots. didn't hit one of them. it finally grabbed one on the ground and shot it on the
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ground. i'm not good -- >> dana: that wasn't very safe. >> bob: it wasn't. my guess is he probably has done a little of that. why they don't release a picture it doesn't matter. >> eric: do you really think -- >> bob: i think the shooter was on the edge. >> never know. want to shoot down a bull sometime. greg? >> greg: what is he skeet shooting? clay pigeons like the fox news emblem? >> eric: maybe. >> greg: i love he picked the safest thing. no live animals hurt. the kids aren't around. saying he likes to shoot, he was told to say that. after clinton came out and said you know what? a lot of people own guns and you are ticking them off. not a bunch of rednecks according to bob. he had to say yeah, i also shoot guns. it's like me saying yeah, i have a lot of tall friends. >> do you think he shoots? >> kimberly: he shoots to the left. >> eric: yeah, right. looking left. >> kimberly: that is the problem. he has to say this. greg is right because this is perfect example of clinton getting it. clinton said that.
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so now obama has to follow suit hecht has to not alienate all the people he is offending. that support the second amendment. and want half their guns and don't want to be told they can't exercise their constitutional right. >> dana: people are concerned not so much about losing the right to skeet shoot. they are worried about their right to defend themselves. he has pretty reasonable arguments on his side. that is why they have done fairly well. in the p.r. battle since they decided to take this on. i don't think he needed to say this. he says he shoots, skeet shoots at camp david. how many times he has been to camp david? >> eric: three times. this is what he said when asked if jay carney saw the president with fun in hand. >> how often make?
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>> bob: do you worry if he has guns or not? >> this tells me there is a minute left in the segment. stretch this out. to see if we can make it -- >> eric: no go ahead. greg. >> greg: i thought we were going to talk about the constitutional -- >> eric: oh, roll the tape. >> let's give up on the constitution. i know it sounds radical. but it's really not. constitutional disobedience is as american as apple pie. >> eric: something is going on at cbs. that is from yesterday. greg, take this. >> greg: if we were liberia or greece i could understand
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listening to this guy. we are the greatest country that has ever been and probably ever will be. he says to discard the outdated document to make the greatest country it will be. what is it about the academic that look at fruit and causes of the victory and wants to sacrifice them and embrace the ideas of history? >> bob: you missed your normal opening. look at that guy. the entire left is like that. the entire left. >> greg: i like that guy. he is honest and constitutional professor. >> kimberly: but they all say that. have you met a constitutional law professor that doesn't say that? that doesn't want everyone to challenge the law, walk in the class naked for the nude, you know, cases. i had that happen. >> dana: what? >> greg: trying to get you to do that. >> eric: academia leans left. >> bob: that's right, tall
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left looks like that guy. >> greg: that guy is not for gun control. that is the interesting thing about the professor. >> eric: he is a georgetown law professor. >> dana: i thought his hair was fascinating. >> eric: this is law of the land, my friend. pay respect. >> greg: that is a normal size book. eric is 13 feet tall. >> eric: are you ready for some football? >> kimberly: yeah! >> eric: super bowl sunday is six days from today. san francisco mayor wants to take fun out of the big day. we will tell you what he has up his sleeve next on "the five." >> dana: what's up with him, kimberly? ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo.
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now back to "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> dana: welcome back. today is national school choice day. greg, stop being a jerk. i'm trying. school choice week, what does it mean? this is about parents and movement across the country and different places and ways where the parents who are dissatisfied with their children's school, they could figure out how to send them to another school. one of our co-host juan williams is a big proopponent of charter schools in particular. as mom in the city dealing with this, you have a different situation you can look around, though you have to deal with hoops and get your child in the right school. you have means to do that. but juan talk about people like you who live in city and pay property taxes should you have an option for public schools but people of low income should be able to look at their schools and say i'm not going to send my kid there. i want another option. that's what this is all about.
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>> kimberly: a good point. every child deserves an excellent education. it should not be predetermined by what your parents or providers, socioeconomic status is and whether you can afford to pay the exorbitant bills for private schools. they are not cheap. ronin was in public school but there are so many kids in the class i think one day they lost the little guy. you have don't stand out. if you need extra help it's difficult to get it. great teachers, mean well, but they are challenged by the numbers. you go to private school but who is able to afford that? some schools are financial aid assistance there. has to be an alternative that you don't the children educationmly discriminated against because they can't afford a $45,000 or $60,000 school. >> dana: that is a great point. the way you put it in terms of being discriminated against. we're from d.c. but i moved up here and you have a place up there, bob. one of the programs the school choice program in d.c., voucher program, very popular amongst a lot of people.
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ended under president obama and john boehner got it back in. do you think the unions are nervous with the school choice week they have 3600 events taking place nationwide. it seems to be gaining steam. >> bob: sure. but there are things to consider here. if you take the charter school students and the ones that get vouchers for private schools there are still 49 million students left in public schoo schools. the question is what can we do to make the school better. i think the voucher system works. i talked to juan a lot. there is a place for more charter schools but the money is expensive. >> dana: when it comes to the money and managing the school what is could make a difference for a lot of school districts? how do we figure out how the property tax goes to make sure
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the kids are well educated and parents don't have to be forced. >> eric: the left doesn't want to hear it but performance, let the teachers be -- compensation be based on performance of the students. the only way to do it. you weed out the poor performers and public schools will start to be able to compete with the private schools. right now, the private schools, the numbers are staggering. the difference between where the students are with public versus private. even it out so that everyone doesn't want to go to a private school because they get a better education. >> dana: charter schools are the one that the parents are active. public schools research shows students participatin participae school choice program do better in school. in florida, 93% of parents whose parents participate in program are happier with the scholarship program than before because the kids are well taken care of. you are a good, honest critic about unions. do you think it has to do with them?
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>> greg: i home school my son sven. he is 18 years old. i adopted him last week off craigslist. it's amazing. classroom without competition is day care center for dependents. this is not about students. many is about teachers. nif teacher scared of school choice is incompetent teacher. competition is the only factor leave to im -- lead to improvement on all walks of life. everywhere you go, only way to improve life is through competition. left is pro-choice before the kids are born. >> bob: the idea of you home schooling somebody is the next step in the education process the bellevue psychiatric ward. they say in the report they're marginally educated in charter school but it raises question of cost, of course. but already, across the country there are performance tests for teachers based on how the students do. >> eric: i can, i would like
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to push back on that. >> bob: you can push back -- >> dana: certainly not -- >> bob: listen, the unions opposed it. i agree. there are places that have broken through and done that. >> dana: governor mitch daniels of indiana did a revamp of the school choice program there. a lot of the schools, all the schools are better. >> greg: do you have proof of that? >> dana: i do. i read earlier. i have to tease. >> eric: what did sven major in? >> greg: sven is in the hospital now. accident. sven is trying to be a personal trainer. >> greg: is he the same -- skims the he the guy that was my private snowboarding instructor? his name was sven. >> dana: san francisco is going to new orleans. the mayor of san francisco doesn't want "knucklehead to vantize the city after the giants w the world series
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last year." what is his plan to prevent the chaos? will it work? we'll discuss it when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: president obama says he is a football fan but said if he had a son, he probably wouldn't let him play football. i have thoughts. start with eric. what do you think? >> that picture, he throws like a girl. i can understand why he wouldn't want him to play football michigan thought, he doesn't want to play football. what do you want in touch football? if we had a nation of obama men, i guess that would make a good case for putting women on the front line. >> dana: on the debate team they thought i might cut my teeth on my sharp tongue. i wrote that earlier. i agree. if i had a child, which i don't, i might be risk averse
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when you see -- you don't want your child to get hurt. although they do wear a lot of pads and football. helmets. >> kimberly: that is from earlier? [ laughter ] >> greg: running out of steam. >> bob: i'm just, i -- my son came to me in his freshman year of high school and said he wanted to play football. he knew i played football for a lot of years. he tried and said it's a tough game. i said stick with golf. you know what you are doing. singularly the most difficult and dangerous game to be played. those of white house played it now, many years later we suffer consequences of it. if i had a son, i don't want you to play the game. i'll repeat this. i'm a huge football fan and player and i people have gotten so big, the rules have gotten so loose. coaches have gotten so nasty. too dangerous. >> greg: can i disagree completely with everything? president obama is misreading
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risk. playing football. or playing any extracurricular activity better than not. when you look at the participation in the criminal activity. there are more cheerleading injuries on the sideline than football injuries. the other big point is it's a big message about risk in general. the media portrays conservative as risk averse and liberals as adventurous. the fact is it's the left that is so scared of something happening that you have to have a safety net cradle to grave. >> bob: would you let your son play? >> kimberly: yes. i love football. i like to play football. >> bob: not just a question of injuries. >> eric: you don't want your son to get hurt. tell him to play quarterback or position they don't -- don't -- >> kimberly: kicker. >> bob: i feel like the -- [ overtalk ] >> greg: you can't eliminate all risk. >> bob: are you calling me a
11:54 pm
wuss; is that it? >> eric: kind of. >> bob: we'll settle that later. the mayor of san francisco said he wants to close the bars on super bowl because of what happened when san francisco won the world series. >> kimberly: not my husband. >> bob: should they close the bars to avoid riots? >> eric: let's defer to kimberly. >> kimberly: i would never allow such a statement as former first lady. you can't regulate everybody's conduct. they have to be responsible for themselves. if they mess up, arrest them. >> dana: government infringing on the private business. just because people don't have personal responsibility and boundaries. >> kimberly: we can't help it if we keep winning. what up, san francisco? >> bob: one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
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test test.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: time now for one more thing. so, if you are a fan of "the view," you might have been wondering where barbara walters was. here is whoopi goldberg to tell you what happened. >> now you all know that she fell and cut her head ten days ago and then was running a temperature. but it turns out it's all the result of like a delayed childhood thing. barbara ha has the chickenpox.
11:59 pm
yeah. apparently she never had it as a child. so now she is told to rest. she is not allowed any visitors and we're telling you, barbara no, scratching. >> kimberly: joey behar says that is what happens when you interview honey boo boo. barbara, get better soon. love that show. >> greg: wow! banned phrase. no holds barred. whenever anybody describes a writing or opinion as no holds barred it means they're just annoying. >> dana: can you say no bars hold? >> greg: no. you know where it's from? >> eric: wrestling. >> dana: interesting. like the cat-bird seat. this weekend i had a fantastic experience. i got to go to the dierks bentley mirnada lambert conner? atlantic city. it was cold but a great show. i get nothing out of that. you


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